Maintainer Completes Another Expansion

December 19, 2017

Maintainer_aerial_view_11-30-17.jpgMaintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. has completed another expansion to its Sheldon, Iowa, manufacturing plant. The 7800-sq. ft. addition was prompted in response to increased demand for Maintainer’s line of mechanics trucks, lube trucks, and cranes. This latest expansion comes on the heels of a major 20,750-sq. ft. addition that was completed in 2015.

“We have 2017_addition_-_outside_pic_reduced.jpgmany loyal customers who have increased needs for service trucks,” said Maintainer Vice President & General Manager Shelley Morris. “We also continue to add customers across the country. Therefore, we strive to find ways to increase production at our manufacturing facilities. We continue to upgrade our technology and processes to help our employees work more efficiently and safely.”

2017_addition_-_aerial_shot_1_reduced.jpgSeveral activities are planned for the additional area. Welding cells have been added, and space has been designated for Engineering research and development. Maintainer’s maintenance crew also has a new home base in the expanded building.

“Because of the custom nature of our business, this space will also allow us to work on projects that won’t disrupt the standard production flow,” explained Morris. “Even on the standard stock trucks that we sell, customers often request extra items be added or other modifications. We now have an area for customization without putting the truck back into the production line.”

Maintainer also added production jobs to meet demand and now employs nearly 200 people between their Sheldon and Rock Rapids locations.

2017_addition_-_floor_shot_facing_northwest_reduced.jpg  20171218_115351.jpg

See the latest aerial view of Maintainer and the Sheldon skyline in this video after the expansion was completed:

This video shows various stages of the expansion project: