Maintainer Releases New Lube Skid

March 9, 2017

Lube_Skid__1.pngMaintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. introduces a redesigned Lube Skid in conjunction with the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017. Maintainer would like to thank Caterpillar for displaying a Maintainer truck in their Gold Lot booth that has the new Lube Skid mounted in the center deck.

Maintainer has redesigned their Lube Skid to save weight, yet still provide premium performance.

“We are excited to offer a high-quality lube skid option at a competitive price,” said Tom Wibben, Sales and Service Manager for Maintainer. “Customers are going to love the upgrades in our new design.”

Maintainer’s new Lube Skid is relatively low profile, measuring 49” in height. It has a footprint of 75” long x 42” wide. The weight of the empty skid is 1312 pounds.

Lube_Skid_drawing_3.pngThe Lube Skid features a new aluminum air manifold for pump operation. It features four 55-gallon composite tanks – three for oil and one for waste oil. The product tanks have filtered breathers. The three new oil systems feature 5:1 air pumps, metered nozzles, in-line heavy duty filters, and ½” x 50’ spring rewind hose reels. The filter heads have visual indicators to show when the element needs replacing. The 1” waste oil hose has a filter screen, 30’ spring rewind reel, and a 1” air diaphragm waste oil pump. The dispenser holders also serve as a drip containment, with one central drain.

The only supply needed is a single quick connect air coupler on the rear of the unit. There are forklift pockets at both ends of the Lube Skid for ease of loading/unloading plus four heavy-duty tie-down/lifting rings. The Lube Skid is primed and painted white in the standard color.

Learn more at LUBE SKIDS.