MESO Trusts Maintainer For Fleet Maintenance

July 30, 2019

The folks at Mobile Equipment Service Options, or MESO Inc. are fleet maintenance specialists out of East Liverpool, Ohio. They help service and maintain vehicles and equipment for a variety of customers in construction, oil & gas, utility, rental and manufacturing industries.

In this video, company President Chris Britt describes the work MESO does while Technician Brett Jochumsen shows off their newest Maintainer service truck.

This truck has a 13’ body with 26” workbench bumper. It has an enclosed van structure in the center, where they are housing a lube skid unit. The crane is a Maintainer electric-hydraulic EH4520, with 4500-pound lift capacity and 20’ reach. It also incorporates DuaLock Aluminum Drawer Sets. MESO has incorporated a patriotic wrap to give a striking look! It all sits on a 2018 International 4300 chassis.  

Britt talks about the importance of the long-lasting value of the Maintainer body and the safety features incorporated into the design.

Britt also mentions working with Bryan Cohen, the General Manager for MTech Company. MTech, out of Cleveland, is the Maintainer Dealer for much of Ohio. MESO appreciates the product support they receive from MTech and Maintainer.

Thank you also to Leppo Rents for letting us shoot at the Canton location while MESO was working.

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