Two New 25' Cranes Now Available

August 26, 2014

H14045_Crane_Pic_1.pngOriginal distribution August 1, 2014 --

Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of two new 25’ hydraulic cranes to its innovative line of work truck cranes.  The innovative new H12025 and H14025 telescopic cranes are engineered to provide more lifting capacity at further distances from the truck.

Each new crane boasts a 90,000 foot*pound crane rating and have a reach of 25 feet. The H12025 has a maximum lift of 12,000 pounds, while the H14025 can lift 14,000 pounds. The cranes feature a planetary winch mounted on the boom, which is an upgrade over Maintainer’s existing 12000 and 14000 crane models.

Customers received a sneak preview of the new crane earlier this year at ConExpo in Las Vegas. Maintainer’s sales team received a lot of positive response.

“As our customers perform maintenance on larger equipment, Maintainer continues to improve the capabilities, performance, and safety engineered into our products, said Tom Wibben, Sales Manager for Maintainer. “We believe the customers will be very satisfied with these latest crane upgrades for their service trucks.”


ACC_Logo.pngThe two new cranes are also equipped with Maintainer’s latest Advanced Crane Control to monitor the stability of the crane during operation. New sensors have been installed that will monitor the tilt angle of the truck as well as the boom angle of the crane. If the system senses an out-of-level condition, it will warn the operator and even prevent crane motion if necessary. 

"The automatic stability monitoring reduces operator error and enhances safety on the job site,” said Wibben.

The Model H12025 & H14025 Cranes sport the following features:

● 5-Year limited structural crane warrantyH14025_Crane_Pic_2.png

● Low profile boom - no need for flip sheave

● Boom-Mounted planetary winch

● Increased line speed from 30 fpm to 60 fpm

● Block storage - easy and convenient

● Total operational range 91° (-13° to +78°)

● OSHA 1910.180/ANSI B30.5 compliant

● Low Profile Anti-Two block - standard

● Closed-center/load sensing hydraulic system (open center optional)

● 615° of boom rotation

● Wireless Remote with independently proportional controls

The hexagonal boom sections on Maintainer cranes are self-aligning, have improved strength to weight ratio, and have easily serviced wear pads. Nitrided cylinder rods have improved wear and impact resistance, improved corrosion resistance, and an improved seal life. The hydraulic hoses are protected from harsh working environments. Even the crane and outrigger valves are protected under the truck body. The initial crane inspection is performed at the factory for turnkey performance – your crane is ready to go work when your truck is delivered!

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