Maintainer_South_Progress_pic.jpgMaintainer South Plant Construction Continues

A wet Spring slowed down progress on the new Maintainer South manufacturing facility. With warmer and drier weather, construction is now picking up. Pictured above is a drone shot on June 12.

Click HERE for a video of the construction

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Happy 4th of July!

by Shelley Morris - With July 4th on a Thursday, I thought it would be a great opportunity to reward this team with an additional Holiday.   So far this quarter, we have seen good progress in getting product out the door. With June almost half over,…


Reinvesting In Our Future

by Shelley Morris -  We've basically been in expansion mode since the fall of 2013.  We've had 4 projects in 5 years in Sheldon and Rock Rapids.  In between, we have replaced the entire roof on the Sheldon plant, purchased the South Plant location,…


Business Model Changes For MCB

by Shelley Morris -  Several months ago, we changed the business model at Rock Rapids away from larger complex projects, focusing on smaller rescue type bodies, aluminum bodies, and products that are more in sync with what we do best.  Another “Just…


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DON'T MISS OUT - SIGN UP NOW! Maintainer is no longer doing a printed version of the Positively Speaking Newsletter. If you would like to keep up to date on the latest happenings at Maintainer, please sign up below to receive a link to the digital…


Don't Miss RiseFest 2019

by Shelley Morris -  Maintainer has been a sponsor of Risefest for a few years.  We have been a Platinum sponsor for 2 years now, again thanks to the generosity of our ownership.  We hold a drawing for tickets, and here's a secret: If you sign up,…


Communications - A Continual Journey

by Archie England -As we go about our daily activities, we are always communicating with each other. This communication can be verbal or non-verbal. Just when we think that we are communicating perfectly with everyone around us, a new situation…


Inventory Feeds the System

by Archie England - It is critical to our production flow that we have accurate information on our inventory. You may think that only a few people control this. However, there are many people that have an impact on it that may not realize it. The…


YouTube University

by Archie England - It is important that we continue to learn.  Many studies have shown that learning new skills and taking on new hobbies helps your mind grow stronger.  Apparently, mental exercise helps strengthen your mental capacity for a lot of…


MCB News

by Tom Leckband -  It's very rewarding to hear back from our customers once the truck we have built for them goes into service. We recently received some great feedback from the Renton Fire District in Renton, WA. This specialized unit carries all…


Summer Activity Tips

by Ray Waite - Now that summer has arrived, I wanted to remind everyone of our discounted park offers. Currently we have the following Park Passes that we are offering at a discounted rate:· Arnolds Park $10· Wild Water West $9· Bridges Bay $5·…


Blood Donations

Despite the wet weather, Maintainer employees came through. Thanks to our employees for helping make a difference in the lives of local patients. We had 20 lifesaving donations given. This will help 60 patients and their families. Every day, blood…


New Employees

We had some new employees join us in May - Help us welcome them all to the Maintainer team!


Maintainer Adopt-A-Highway Program

Maintainer is proud to be a sponsor of the Iowa Adopt-A-Highway Program. Once a year, employee volunteers head out to clean up the adopted ditches. It's a lot of work so Maintainer provides them with a big meal before they head out.  We had a group…


We Celebrate Our 2019 Graduates

Graduation is not only a time to celebrate your accomplishment but a time to look forward to what tomorrow brings. May all your tomorrows see you as happy as you are today!


Bulletin Board

UPCOMING EVENTS: 4th of July Holiday Schedule: Maintainer will be closed Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5 in observance of the holiday. All full time employees will receive 16 hours of holiday pay for July 4 & 5. NOTE: Employees must report…