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We can always customize to fit your needs, BUT we now have some of the most popular DuaLock configurations in stock and ready to ship. Save time and order one of these today!

                 013225_18in_set.PNG     020017_29in_set.PNG

020191_38in_set.PNG  020215_48in_set.PNG

 DuaLock_Standard_Items_8-1-17.pdf       Part Numbers: Top left- 013225, Top Right- 020017,                                                                            Bottom Left- 020191, Bottom Right- 020215


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DuaLock™ Drawer Systems by Maintainer

Maintainer Corporation of Iowa has pushed product innovation forward with the
development of our DuaLock™ Aluminum Drawers!  Convenient to operate and built tough, DuaLock™ by Maintainer sets the standard for tool and component storage.

The DuaLock aluminum drawer sets feature a single action latch for easy operation, even when wearing insulated work gloves. The DuaLock gets its name from the drawer slide’s locking feature.  Not only is the drawer locked in the closed position, but the DuaLock also locks in the open position. You don’t have to worry about the drawer sliding shut if you didn’t park on level ground.

Laser_cutting_dualocks.png Precision crafted from lightweight, high-strength aluminum, the DuaLock™ drawer sets are available as an option on your Maintainer unit, or a custom or standard toolbox set can be purchased as stand-alone units that you can install in your own body. This aluminum's impact resistance is similar to steel and offers better corrosion and fatigue resistance.

The attractive appearance means that no painting is necessary. DuaLock drawers are corrosion resistant and non-abrasive so it will not react with the drawer cargo. The finish also makes it less likely that you will snag your glove or skin when accessing stored items.


  • Drawers rated for 300 lbs. in mobile applications and 500 lbs. in stationary applications
  • Custom drawer heights available from 3" to 12"
  • Custom widths available from 13" to 48"
  • High-strength aluminum construction
  • 4" standard bottom riser
  • Standard drawer depth is 16" usable, 18" overall


  • Drawer slides lock in both the Open and Closed positions
  • Light weight
  • Corrosion free
  • Single action latch can be operated with one hand - even with work gloves!
  • Hemmed Drawer edges
  • Adjustable dividers included
  • Telescopic top shelf is standard - adjustable 5-1/2" on each side

If you would like a quote on a STANDARD SET, please enter the Item number into the COMMENTS field in the form below.

DuaLock standard depth is 18". Please enter your custom depth into comments under the form if you need a different depth. We can change depth in 2" increments.

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Dualock Drawers are available to some agencies via our General Services Administration contract #47QMCA18D0003.

GSA Advantage offers a streamlined, efficient purchasing portal for federal agencies to acquire the goods and services they need. The service is intended to benefit federal agencies with online access to millions of commercial products and services with GSA-negotiated prices from GSA-approved sources.

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