NEW VIDEO - Innovation Helps Elder Corp Grow

May 4, 2022

Elder Corporation, Des Moines, IA celebrated 60 years in business in 2020.

In 2013, Maintainer sold them a 21' long Lube Van body, one of the largest ever built by Maintainer. Elder continues to grow, so in 2021, they decided to add a second Lube Truck to their maintenance fleet. This video highlights the new truck and some of the innovation involved. Due to material and design advancements, the new truck was 3000 pounds lighter than the old truck! Plus, the new design allows the technicians to work much more efficiently.

0:13 Who is Elder Corporation
0:36 Brian Moran, VP of Mobile Fleet Assets & Maintenance, explains the need for a 2nd lube truck
1:34 Brian explains the process of working with Maintainer engineering on an updated design
2:17 We learn that Maintainer was able to shave 3000 pounds off the weight of the original!
2:27 Service technician CJ Murano starts us on a tour of the truck highlights
2:49 We see the new hose reel layout on the back of the lube truck
3:26 Here's a great look at how to organize with DuaLock Aluminum Drawers!
4:10 We get a glimpse inside the lube van
4:42 Brian sums up the beauty of this project

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