From the year of our founding in 1976, Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. has developed its products to be the best in class. Our company has continued to be the industry leader in manufacturing and sales of heavy duty customized service bodies, service body cranes and lube bodies - products that truly meet the needs of the end use customer. Over the years, new products have been introduced and existing products have been improved...all with the common goal of offering only the very highest quality, value priced, products to our customers...dealers and end users alike.

Our very first body design was called a BMT (Basic Maintainer Body) and was a flatbed with a behind cab mounted fixed boom crane. It was designed to fulfill a specific customer need to service equipment in the field.

About_-_History_png_PSS_system.pngAs sales increased, and the company learned more about its customer's needs, the first one-ton pressurized storage system (PSS) Maintainer service body with 6,000 lb. capacity full hydraulic telescoping boom crane was introduced in the fall of 1981. Acceptance of this new body and crane combination with its extra large cabinets and cargo space plus optional work bench bumper was excellent. In 1984, as a result of increasing demand, the company introduced a two-ton version with an 8,000 lb. capacity crane.

History_-_flyers.pngAs our company continued to grow, its reputation for high quality market driven custom products led to the development of a two-ton lubrication body. First with an air pumped distribution system and then with a state-of-the-art hydraulic fluid distribution system. The crane product line was expanded to include lift capacities of 3,000 through 14,000 lbs. and state of the art closed-center hydraulics were added to provide simultaneous multiple function operation. This was followed by the introduction of lube skids in 1988 and one-ton lube bodies in 1989.

On October 1, 2015, Maintainer Custom Bodies (MCB), merged with Maintainer Corporation in Sheldon, Iowa. This merger of Companies will allow Maintainer Corp. to increase its capacity for output by allowing service trucks to be manufactured in the Rock Rapids plant as well as in the Sheldon plant.

40th_Anniversary_Logo_for_Web.pngMCB in Rock Rapids will continue to produce emergency vehicles and DuaLock™ Drawer systems, but with recent upgrades and additions to their plant, they will also be able to assist Maintainer in manufacturing the overflow from Sheldon.

This is a productive and exciting move for both companies and will allow both to pursue more business in each industry.

Since then, the list of product enhancements and custom options available has literally exploded.
The bottom line is that Maintainer is truly a one-stop-shop with an enormous capacity to satisfy its customers...giving them what they want, at a fair price and superior return on investment. Maintainer is an exciting company with excellent products and committed people ready to serve you.