Maintainer Connect

The connected service truck is here in Maintainer's TELEMATICS platform!



  • GPS location services
  • Monitor for service intervals (air compressor, PTO, hydraulic systems)
  • Track crane utilization
  • Help troubleshoot remotely

Maintainer Connect can integrate with existing chassis telematics platforms like Samsara, Geotab, & Verizon Connect for complete fleet data!

m_connect_graphic_4.pngCURRENT MONITORED FEATURES:

  • Vehicle location
  • Crane hours
  • PTO hours
  • Air compressor hours
  • Truck level
  • Battery voltage
  • Load Percentage*
  • Boom length*
  • Boom pressure*
  • Boom angle*
  • Boom stowed*
  • Outrigger stowed*
  • Weight of load*
  • Anti-two block
  • Load radius*

*May depend on crane selection

  • Fleet managers can receive alerts along with the operator if potential unsafe conditions exist, or if equipment needs attention.

We continue to develop more process monitoring. Integration with major APU's (VMAC, EnPak) will be online soon!

First year of access to data is FREE with the purchase of the base module, minimum monthly fee thereafter.


These videos give you a better look at the Maintainer Connect platform.
Here is the NEW promo video:

Explore the Maintainer Connect Platform in these short highlight videos (updated August 2021!):


Here was the original promo video, Dec. 20, featuring customer Butler Machinery:

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