As equipment gets bigger and runs harder and longer, Maintainer service trucks will keep you running at top speed. Reliable, dependable, and long-lasting, Maintainer bodies have long been a fixture to the bread basket of America!

Hutterian_four.jpgWhat others are saying...

Four gentlemen from the Warden Hutterian Brethren visited our plant in May to pick up their FOUR new Maintainer units. The group had finally decided to retire their previous Maintainer trucks after TWENTY YEARS of service! Used mainly in agricultural applications, their Maintainer trucks proved to be a great value for the community.

"The Maintainer vehicles pay for themselves over time. I think we re-painted the body after ten years of service, but otherwise we had to do very little maintenance on the body components over the years." - Justin Wollman

When we asked Ben Wollman what he would tell people about Maintainer, he simply responded, "It's a top-quality product!"

In addition to giving them new Maintainer caps, we finished off their customer experience by having them stand in the rain to get their photo taken with their new trucks!