EH Outriggers


Bolt-on EH Outrigger Packages

These outriggers are designed to support customers who are adding Maintainer's smaller electric-hydraulic (EH) and hydraulic cranes to their service trucks. They can be used with all of our EH/Hydraulic cranes: EH/H3516, EH/H4520, and EH/H5520. They are easily configured for curb-side or street-side cranes.

Three Models To Choose From:

  • Manual Crank Up/Down-Manual Out (model #024102)

  • Hydraulic Up/Down - Manual Out (model #024105)

  • Hydraulic Up/Down - Hydraulic Out (model #025112)

Bolt to chassis using supplied channels, or weld to flatbed/service body.



  • All rated to 30,000ft*lb
  • Extend out to 30"


  • For use with all of our electric/Hydraulic cranes
  • Easily configured for curb-side or street-side cranes

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