Air Compressor Units

Maintainer trucks can accommodate a wide variety of air compressors. We offer both reciprocating and rotary screw models powered both by gas and PTO. Care should be taken to taken to consider the right unit to handle your routine jobs.

Quincy_Air_Compressor_pic.jpgQuincy 24.8 CFM

The Quincy reciprocating air compressor is rated at 24.8 CFM displacement at 100 PSI and is hydraulically driven. It comes with a cover, built-in hydraulic oil cooler, and a 17-gallon air storage tank

  • Reciprocating compressor type
  • Hydraulic power source
  • 24.8 cfm@100 psi - rated capacity
  • 38"W x 19.5"D x 16.5"H
  • 150 lbs.  


Vanair Reliant RC-40

The Vanair Reliant RC-40 reciprocating air compressor is rated at 40 CFM displacement at 100 PSI and 150 PSI. It comes with a cover, built-in hydraulic oil cooler, and a 17-gallon air storage tank.



Vanair Reliant RS45

45% Lighter. 50% Quieter. More Powerful.

The most powerful, lightweight system in its class. At 45% less weight than its predecessor, the RS45’s featherweight rust-proof aluminum canopy reduces truck weight and fuel consumption. Providing an impressive 45 cfm and up to 175 psi of on-demand air power at 100% duty cycle, the RS45 has the highest cfm rating in its class. Advanced sound attenuation technology has significantly reduced the sound level by 50% on the machine. Quieter, lighter and more powerful, the RS45 will meet your toughest challenges out in the field.



Vanair Reliant™ RS85™

The Most Power in its Class

The most powerful air to get the job done. Vanair's new rotary screw RS85™ is the product you need. Offering enough air to power a 90 lb. jackhammer, the Reliant™ gets you in and out of the job site fast!


VMAC_Predatair_air_compressor_clip.jpgVMAC Predatair

  • 40 CFM rotary screw hydraulic driven air compressor with white cover (closed center) 40 CFM@150 pdi with 17 gallon air tank (painted black) with moisture drain & integral hydraulic oil cooler
  • Includes control panel, mounted near body's switch panel
  • Includes hydraulic soft start, cold weather package (cooler bypass), additional oil warming valve NOT available
  • 24"L x 16.5" W x 18" H
  • 162 lbs.

Note: Hydraulic requirement =14 gpm (may require large pump kit, not included)


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