Advanced Crane Control

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Maintainer's Advanced Crane Control enhances the
benefits of the wireless remote system giving the
operator a visual indication of the status of the crane.
(A former version was called "LMI System")


ACC 2.0 - Utilizes CAN system electronics

ACC 2.1 - LIVE WEIGHT DISPLAY available on remote control and on optional display screens in compartment

ACC 2.2 - Available in 2021 - Even more Safety Features for operators!

  >> Automatic Stability Zone Charts - The system knows the position of the crane and will automatically reduce the maximum capacity of the crane, keeping the operator safer and more efficient!

  >> Rotate Stow Assist - As you put the crane away, you can hold the rotate button full speed, but the crane will stop and center itself over the boom saddle. As you then boom down, the crane will slow itself as it nears the saddle.

  >> Body Collision Prevention - You won't accidentally run your crane into your own truck body or chassis exhaust stack. The system knows these critical positions and will stop crane from rotating or booming down through these areas!



Green - Solid All Systems good, no warning alarm
Yellow - flashing 90% load warning
Red - flashing 100% load alarm
Green -Yellow flashing 4.5° truck tilt warning
Green-Red flashing 6.5° truck tilt warning
Green flashing

Angle sensor is unplugged or not functioning


  • ACC_light.pngStandard on all hydraulic cranes 6500 lbs. & above

  • Automatic capacity & speed limiting in low stability lifting areas by sensing truck level and boom angle

  • Automatic stability monitoring reduces operator error

  • Reduces rotation speed under heavy load for improved operational control

  • Will warn the operator and stop crane rotation if necessary

  • Potentially eliminates the need for front outriggers on certain service bodies

Dual Angle Sensor:

  • Unprecedented safety by monitoring level of crane/truck. If the truck is more than 4.5° out of level, lifting capacity and speed will be reduced. If the truck is more than 6.5° out of level, the controller will no longer allow picks to be made with the crane (retract and hoist down will function at 25% speed)
  • Monitors boom angle compared to level of truck to give input back to the crane controller. This allows the crane to pick more load (in certain locations) without increasing the overall foot-pound rating of the crane

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