Catch Basin Crane

Maintainer manufactures a specialty crane used by some municipalities for use in catch basin cleaning systems.

The Maintainer Catch Basin Crane is a complete machine designed to work on a three 8-hour shift continuous- duty basis. The unit consists of a fully hydraulic operated hoist, dual ground level controls, safety devices, and appurtenances necessary for safe and efficient operation. The Catch Basin Crane shall comply with all applicable Federal and State ordinances, codes and requirements.

This unit is truly ready to handle the severe duty and life cycle requirements needed for the job!


  • Extended at horizontal 13'
  • 33,000 ft*lb rating
  • ANSI B30.5 compliant
  • Fits in 35" mounting space behind cab
  • Planetary winch to 250 fpm
  • Overall height when mounted on chassis <10'6"
  • Integral hydraulic overload protection and counterbalance holding values
  • Hydraulic requirements: 28 gpm @ 2500 psi


  • Boom angle from -5 to +70 deg
  • Reach from 3' to 13'
  • Dual operator stations (located in protective compartments)
  • Anti-two-block system
  • Rack and pinion rotation system, to 180 deg of rotation
  • Tool circuit Hannay reels with roller guides, for quick connecting bucket
  • Optional accessories available


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