Elec/Hyd & Hydraulic Cranes

Introducing Our New EH3516/H3516, EH4520/H4520 & EH5520/H5520 Cranes

EH5520_Crane_pic_1.pngMaintainer Corporation has added three new electric-hydraulic and hydraulic cranes to its innovative line of work truck cranes. 

The EH3516 has a 16' reach, 15,000 ft*lb crane rating with max. lift of 3,500 lbs. The EH4520 has a 20' reach and can lift 4,500 pounds with a max lift moment of 20,000 ft*lbs. The EH5520 has a 20 ft. reach, 30,000 ft*lb crane rating and has maximum lift of 5,500 pounds. The cranes feature a planetary winch mounted on the boom to maintain cable tension.

“After a brief hiatus in offering the electric over hydraulic cranes,” said Tom Wibben, Sales and Service Manager for Maintainer, “we are now able to offer high-quality Maintainer options for customers who prefer the EH option for their service trucks.”

EH5520_Crane_pic_4.pngThe new cranes are mounted with a universal 14.75” x 14.75” bolt pattern, which allows the cranes to be added to a variety of truck bodies. The EH3516, EH4520 and EH5520 are only available in the short-tower design and include several popular features:

  • They have a 3 gallon-per-minute power pack for maximized crane speeds.
  • There is a self-protecting thermal shutdown built into the 12-volt DC motor.
  •  A proportional wireless crane remote is standard.
  •  An optional battery isolator is available to keep the crane battery charged while avoiding a drain on the chassis battery.

The new cranes will also be offered in full hydraulic versions as well (H3516-ST, H4520-ST and H5520-ST). 

Standard Features

  • Planetary Winch: Hoist drum and wire rope located outside
    of boom for improved operator visibility

  • Anti Two-Block: Standard on
    all models

  • System Overrides: All crane functions
    (EH includes hydraulic pump activation)

  • 580° Rotation on 4520 & 5520 models, 478° Rotation on the 3516 models

  • OSHA 1910.180/ANSI B30.5 Compliant

  • Safety Holding Valves: Counterbalance valves are machined into cylinders

  • Wireless Remote Control: Allows operator to be more mobile and maintain a safe distance from loads

  • Bolt Down Pattern:
    14.75” x 14.75”, 1”-8UNC grade 4 bolts (14.75" x 14.75" or 11.5" x 14.75" on 3516 model)

  • Base Plate: 18”x 18” 

  • Hydraulic Extension: full to 20’ on 4520 & 5520 models, 16' on the 3516 models

  • EH Hydraulic System: Self-contained, 12 volt DC motor with thermal safety switch

  • H Hydraulic System Requirement: Open or closed center: 9 gpm, 2500 psi

  • Crane Weight: 1450 lbs. on 4520 & 5520 models, 1030 lbs. on the 3516 models


  • Toggle/trigger wireless remote control
  • Tethered remote control
  • Battery Isolator: Protects chassis batteries from excessive crane draw while allowing charging

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