NEW VIDEO - Louisiana Parish Fire District Chooses Maintainer to Keep Fleet Ready

November 30, 2020

The Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4 of Walker, Louisiana, let us come by to see how they are using their Maintainer service truck. Blake Gilmore, Chief of the Maintenance Division, gives a tour of his truck and describes how he attends to the various fire apparatus in the parish.

This two-ton service body features a Maintainer H10025TT crane with 10,000-lb lift and 25' reach.

0:16 Blake details the territory.
0:25 Blake describes the variety of maintenance work he does.
0:35 Blake describes why he likes his Maintainer.
0:47 Along the way, we see Blake use the crane to pull a big water pump from one of their fire boats.
1:29 Blake takes us inside the compartments!
1:54 Blake helped design his truck. Here he describes the pull-out step and custom placement of the hose reels. 2:13 We get to see the DuaLock Aluminum Drawers and why Blake likes them!
Blake explains why the patented Pressurized Storage System (PSS) is particularly helpful in their area.

THANKS to Livingston Parish for choosing Maintainer!