Maintainer Makes Plans For Expansion

April 2, 2024

Training center horizontal pic for web.png

Maintainer Corporation, headquartered in Sheldon, Iowa, unveiled plans today to address the unprecedented demand for its products.  The company announced two pivotal expansions: the establishment of an 11,000 square-foot vocational training center and showroom at its north plant campus, alongside a substantial 30,800 square-foot extension at the South plant location. Both projects are scheduled to commence this spring.

The vocational training center will serve as a hub for employee development, onboarding, and comprehensive skills training across all production areas. "The training center will play a pivotal role in equipping new employees with the necessary skills to advance their careers at Maintainer," stated Shelley Morris, President. Additionally, the center will accommodate a company showroom, a merchandise area, and a multi-purpose space. Adjacent to the training center will be a dedicated manufacturing technology area, reflecting Maintainer's commitment to leveraging advanced manufacturing methods.

The expansion at the south plant will effectively double the existing manufacturing capacity and exemplifies a significant milestone for the company. With more manufacturing capacity, the company is poised to better serve customers. Addressing the surge in demand, Morris articulated, "These expansions are vital to meeting the needs of our loyal, dedicated, and growing customer base."

Coinciding with the company’s expansion, Maintainer intends to hire approximately 60 new employees to fill a variety of production and support roles. “Maintainer is an industry leader because of our team.” said Morris.  “The commitment to quality, customer service and innovation is why we continue to grow in Northwest Iowa”, With a commitment to providing opportunities for professional development and career growth, Maintainer is excited to welcome talented individuals who are eager to be part of a dynamic and thriving organization.

Maintainer, recognized for its premium line of work trucks supporting construction, agriculture, railroad, municipal, mining, and heavy equipment sectors since 1976, currently operates three facilities in Northwest Iowa. With construction set to begin immediately, both projects are slated to complete later this year.

Shelley Morris, President
Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc.
Sheldon, IA 51201
(712) 324-5001