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City of Manchester, NH

"The service truck you sold us is busy and paying for itself in saved time and repair Plow broke off the truck. We were able to lift it and get it in for repair in half the time. Best investment in equipment we made."  - Jon Hopkins, Central Fleet Services Director

James R Ballard Plumbing & Heating is out of Silver Spring, Maryland.HH100.jpg

"I wanted to wait a bit before I gave a review so here it is. I can say that after almost four years of ownership that this was a great investment. I have owned many utility bodies beds in the past and by now they all were rusting, falling apart and worst of all leaking like a sieve. Not my Maintainer! The body still looks new having 100,000 miles on the truck. I have people asking me about it all the time and a can't say enough about it to them. Thank you for a great body and please know that I will be a life long customer when I need another." - James Ballard


Davis Diesel & Equipment LLC is out of Corn, Oklahoma.

"This is my fourth truck with a Maintainer bed. This bed was on my '06 Ford F-550. We refurbed it in-house and put it on our 2018 Ram 5500 in July of 2018."  - Jeff Davis


Machinery Support Services LLC specializes in the repair and maintenance of heavy equipment in the Dallas, TX, area.

"Maintainer has the strongest body & cranes on the market hands down. That's why at MMS we use nothing but Maintainer bodies on our field service trucks." - Brandon Zimmerman, Partner


 H & E Equipment has multipleH&E_Equipment_GG305.jpg locations across 2 states. We recently heard from the Fletcher, NC, branch.

"Quality is the best I've ever had on a service truck. It is and has been the flagship at our branch. This truck has been here over a year now with not one problem in fit or finish." - Donald Dickerson

      Hutterian_4_pic.pngFour gentlemen from the Warden Hutterian Brethren visited our plant to pick up their FOUR new Maintainer units. The group had finally decided to retire their previous Maintainer trucks after TWENTY YEARS of service! Used mainly in agricultural applications, their Maintainer trucks proved to be a great value for the community.

"The Maintainer vehicles pay for themselves over time. I think we re-painted the body after ten years of service, but otherwise we had to do very little maintenance on the body components over the years." - Justin Wollman, Washington

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