Service Manuals

NOW AVAILABLE! Pull up a pdf version of your truck body operator's manual using the search form below. All you need is the serial number of your body and the last six characters from your vehicle VIN.

[If we shipped the body only, so we don't know the truck VIN, then type "SBO" in the VIN field.]

If you have a Lube Skid, use "SKID" for the VIN code.
If you purchased a Crane only, use "CRANE" for the VIN code.
If you purchased a Ship-out Body Only, use "SBO" for the VIN code.

Currently the database only includes bodies from the past eight years (Models DA, EE, FF, GG, HH, II, JJ, and 19....).

**QR CODES - starting in model year GG units, we began installing a QR code in a body cabinet. You can scan that code with your smartphone or tablet to access your manual and other information.


If your body is from a prior year, or the search does not find your manual, please contact our service department at 866-781-3259, or e-mail your inquiry to

Please have your work order number or vehicle serial number available when you call.

Thank you.

Standard Maintainer Manuals



Radio_Control_Systems.pdf - For cranes with wireless remote and no ACC or LMI

ACC_Wireless_remote_system2.pdf - Now STANDARD on all hydraulic cranes. This document gives instructions on the wireless crane remote and receiver data display and warning lights associated with the Advanced Crane Control (A.C.C.) system


DEF_purge_system.pdf   - Instructions for using Maintainer's DEF purge system      


Maintenance -

2014_Filters_Service.pdf - Suggested Filter Replacement Schedule

Operation_and_Maintenance_2015.pdf - Service Truck recommended maintenance AND crane service and operation instructions


Crane Inspection Checklist


This document REVISED OCTOBER 2014 incorporates the OSHA 1926 subpart CC regulations.



Other Vendor Manuals


Chelsea_Powershift_PTOs.pdf   - More PTO manuals available at

Sandpiper_Evac_pump_Model_S1F.pdf  - More Evac pump manuals at

Vanair_RC40_air_compressor.pdf - More Vanair manuals available at