Merry Christmas to you and yours! There's no better reason for the season than to celebrate the birth of Christ.
Christmas falls on a Wednesday, which makes this year more challenging than most to accommodate time off for Christmas and Christmas Eve. We will work regular hours Monday, dismiss early on Tuesday for Christmas Eve, and resume regular hours on Thursday and Friday. You will receive 4 hours of Holiday pay on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday. The following week, we will be closed only for New Year's Day, also a paid holiday.


 Lastly, take a moment to appreciate those around you this Christmas season. As I get older, I notice more and more every day how things can literally change in a heartbeat. A smile, a hug, or a few kind words could be all it takes to make someone's Christmas.





New Plant Opening Soon!

by Shelley Morris -  The highly anticipated opening of the new plant is near, and not a moment too soon. Business for the high custom, high content market is very strong. While the plan is to start slowly, we will need to ramp up throughout the…


Production News - Understanding QRM Cells

By Archie England -  As you noticed in one of the recent Maintainer Minute issues, QRM is made up of four core concepts:The Power of Time: Managing lead time is very critical to the health of companies.Organizational Structure: The business should…


Department Highlight - Programming Team

by Archie England -  The Programming Team creates the files that are used to cut parts on the lasers and plasma. As mentioned in a previous department highlight, a large portion of the parts that go into our products are made within Maintainer. Of…


Email Security Tips - Is That Email Really From HR?

by Clark Davidson -  One of the easiest ways the bad guys trick you into falling victim to their fraudulent scams is to exercise a sense of trust by pretending to be someone you know. More than likely, you receive emails from your Human Resources…


HR Update - Are You Ready For The End Of The Year?

by Ray Waite -  Hello Maintainers! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday. I know I had a wonderful time being able to spend quality time with family, and of course, eat a ton of delicious food.The completion of Thanksgiving means…


Congratulations on Recent Promotions!

by Ray Waite -  I would like to take a moment to congratulate a couple of employees on their recent promotions. This is something that the HR Team is going to start doing for the previous month promotions in this newsletter and then also announce…


Holiday Tablescapes Gala

Maintainer participated at the Holiday Tablescapes Gala contest on November 14 The tablescape was decorated with beautiful holiday settings, complete with a Maintainer Sleigh as the centerpiece! A big thank you to Jill England and Paige Morris for…


25 Year Anniversary

Thanks LeRoy! Thanks for your 25 years of dedicated work.We couldn't have done it without you! Leroy was recognized for his achievement at the last All-Staff meeting and was presented with a cake.


Bulletin Board

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED: You will receive 4 hours holiday page on Tuesday, December 24, and a full 8 hours holiday pay on Wednesday, December 25, as well as a full 8 hours on Wednesday, January 1. All full time employees will receive 12 hours of…


2019 Christmas Party Snapshots

Maintainer held their annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 7 at the NCC Lifelong Learning Rec Center. The guests enjoyed appetizers, dinner, and entertainment provided by an illusionist. The food was provided by Shari's Catering.  A good…


New Employees

We had new employees join us in November We are all really excited to welcome you to our team! We look forward to working with you and seeing you achieve great things at Maintainer. 


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